Thursday, March 17, 2011

Take Five #1

Like so many, I struggle with never having enough hours in the day. Take Five is a regular post that makes the most of what little time you have.  These are quick wins geared toward small projects giving you more control over your finances, time and space.

**1**  Your cell phone is a mess. While you're waiting for the doctor to show up, start deleting games you never play. Clear out unneccessary texts and emails. Reorganize the phone's screens to something more user friendly. I have a screen for items I use regularly (weather, news) and one for working (calculator, email, messaging). You get the idea.  Time is saved when you no longer have to keep searching for what you need.

**2** While you are in your child's car line up, grab a plastic grocery bag and start cleaning out door pockets, consoles and floorboards. Somehow, my cupholders become repositories for the kids' candy wrappers, therefore I do this on a regular basis.

**3**  Did you just pay your bills online? Sign in to your bank and quickly balance the checkbook. If you have let this one slide for a while, the first time may take a little longer. However, if done daily or every few days, you remain up to date and eliminate all the guesswork of how much money you really have.

Take Five is geared toward small actions that will make a big impact. Do a bit now and save a lot of time later.

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