Sunday, March 27, 2011

Avoid the Monday Morning Hustle

I remember the day clearly. I just couldn't figure out what to wear to work (steel gray suit seemed pretty sharp, so did the red dress that screamed 'power'). For some bizarre reason that little dilemma knocked me a good 15 minutes off schedule. I had no time for breakfast because I couldn't find a clean towel.Even if there were time to eat, there was no way I could have used the curdled up sludge in the milk container. I got to the car and saw that big 'E' on the gas gauge. Well that was just great. And let me just clarify: It was MONDAY. Sleep is a precious thing, especially on Monday mornings. I don't want to have to get up and rush around. I want those extra minutes to saw a few more logs to saw. More importantly, I don't really want to move like a tornado before 8 a.m.

Do  yourself a favor and get a jumpstart the night before.

Charge your cell phone and make sure you put it and your keys in a designated spot. If you will need it, check your wallet for your debit card/cash. Get any toll fees ready as well. Take a look at the gas gauge. 'Empty' will get you nowhere.

Double check backpacks and your briefcase to see if all necessary files are ready, papers are signed and permission slips are filled out. Place them in a spot that makes them readily available. How about near your keys or the door? If a little one is in tow, restock the diaper bag. I've been known to put all this stuff in the car the night before. It sounds over the top, but works like a charm. Go ahead and pack your workout bag and stow it in the car right now.

If someone is sacking their lunch, then get as much of that ready as possible. Prepack the leftovers, get the juice boxes, wash the fruit and measure out the snacks.Check the weather app on your cell phone and get appropriate attire ready for everybody. If it's trash day, haul the can to the curb. Verify breakfast foods are available. Nothing ruins a meal quicker than solid milk.

I often do a few things that feel very specific to my own family's situation but they are very effective. In addition to everything listed I take all hampers to the laundry because it's one less thing to worry about. I pick up as much clutter as I can without doing a total housecleaning.

At my home, we do just enough so that Monday starts off as smoothly as possible without feeling like we spent the entire day working. Everything I do takes a 20 minute investment but the return is priceless. I can put up my feet  and relax the rest of the evening knowing Monday morning is still going to arrive and it will still be a Monday, but at least it I won't have to hustle and hurry so much. I may even save myself from a headache.

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