Wednesday, March 16, 2011

How it all Began

There was never enough time to get it all done. Never enough money for each and every goal. Never enough space to put every single thing. At least it seemed that way to me. I knew I was getting crushed under the weight of the chaos. I wanted a change. Clearly, I could not put more hours on the clock, plant a money tree or suddenly attach a dozen more rooms to my home. Yet, I knew if I just hunkered down and set my mind to it there was a chance I could fix some things that were within reasonable expectation.

I decided to create a Whine List.  Everything that bothered me made the list--big, small, the huge and the teeny weeny. If it felt problematic, I wrote it down.  The next step was to walk away. Just  long enough to catch my breath and let it all sink in.  I took a deep breath, picked up that ugly list and began.

What could I fix right now? Surely I could come up ideas that would help. If I could do it, then I would be enriching my life as well as that of my family. I took notes, I read and when I finished all that I read some more. It all started coming together and slowly I began to make the little changes that sometimes led to bigger ones.

This blog is the ongoing, everchanging mission  that I've undertaken. I hope you will join me.

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