Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Rainy Day Project

On a recent Saturday, it rained so hard it was nearly impossible to go outside. It became the perfect day to clean up our master bedroom.  All you need are a few supplies, determine which room you want to tackle and about an hour. This example is for a bedroom. Simply modify where needed based on the room you are cleaning.

You will need a trash bag and a few containers. You only need the containers temporarily so they can be anything you have available. I have used boxes, laundry baskets, and recyclable grocery bags. This is not a 'perfection project.' Your goal is only to get the room back in order quickly without spending the whole day doing it. The deep, intense cleaning will come later--unless you become so focused you want to do it now.

First, you will need to come face to face with the cold, hard reality of this messy room. Turn on the brighest light available. Next, take the trash bag then, working left to right and top to bottom, go around the room quickly and get rid of all the trash.  Go around the room and put stray clothes in the hamper.

The next step is to set up your containers. These are going to be used for such things as recycling, another room, donate, yard sale, etc.  Still going left to right and top to bottom, move around the room and start putting items into the containers. Although you will be moving along at a fast pace, make sure to be thorough. You don't want to make return trips or retrace your steps repeatedly; your goal is to get the room presentable as quickly as possible.

Take the hamper to the laundry room. Return all items to their rightful owners (just leave the container and let them sort out their own things) and place the items to be donated in the trunk of your vehicle. Once you price and store your yard sale items and take the trash out you are almost finished. Straighten the bed, open the curtains to let in some natural light, and turn off the light. 

Of course, if you are revved up and want to do more, then by all means go ahead and do the dusting and vacuuming.  Either way, now you have one less thing you have to worry about.

Pat yourself on the back and enjoy the rest of your rainy day.

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