Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Back to School: The Classroom Version

As a parent you've been working steadily to get your little students ready for school. Clothes have been purchased, laundered and put away. School supplies are gathered and is ready for that all important first day. You may have even stocked your kitchen for lunch, snacks and quick meals.

You can now turn your attention to gathering your contributions to the classroom. There is always that one time when you get notified that your little angel has volunteered to bring something to the classroom the very next morning. Do a little preplanning and you will eliminate the headache before it begins.

I've never met a teacher who didn't love cleaning supplies. Many teachers often let you volunteer to send in the same thing in on a regular basis which makes it even easier to stock up. Just notate on your calendar to send the items in on a regular basis. The most popular things  in our schools are large bottles of hand sanitizer, paper towels, baby wipes, cleaning wipes, tissues, and plastic grocery bags (for the wet clothes when the littlest ones have accidents.)

Snacks are also a welcome addition for the classroom, especially during standardized testing, field day and regular events like Movie Friday. Before the school year begins grab some juice boxes, brownie mixes, snack packs and fruit cups. If you prefer homemade, think in terms of  basic baking goods.

Another area to consider is classroom supplies. Budgets are smaller and teachers often have to fill in the gaps themselves. Glue sticks, printer paper, dry erase markers, poster board, pencils, construction paper or tape would be very much appreciated.

By far, my most favorite donations are to the Treasure Box. Every class has one and every kid loves it. Occasionally, I'll send in stickers. glittery pencils, mini bubble wands, tiny cars, bead necklaces, fancy erasers, tiny boxes of crayons/markers, colorful plastic rulers, pencil sharpeners, snack size (non melting) treats such as granola bars or fish crackers, If it's possible I send a few things that are season or holiday appropriate.

If you're unsure of what to send, ask the teacher what she prefers. Remember, you aren't the only one trying to stock the classroom. Other parents are doing the same thing, so you'll only have to send a little every now and again but you will be making a huge impact.

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