Thursday, July 26, 2012

How to Save Fifty Dollars

In a previous post, we covered some ways to spend an extra fifty dollars that might just happen to fall in your lap. Now, let's look at ways of saving the same amount.

**1** Buy the latte, skip the muffin.

**2** Save all one dollar bills. Or fives.

**3**  Do your children need unlimited texting and data plans during the summer? Ask your service provider to downgrade their plans for those few months.

**4** Skip the magazine rack and get a subscription or, better yet, read them at your local library. The library is also a great choice for checking out movies.

**5** Revisit your employer's benefit plan. Take advantage of parking passes, free tickets to local events, discounts at the gym, free evaluations with dieticians, etc.

**6** Ask local businesses if there are military, educators and organization/club discounts.

**7** Take gently used items to high-end consignment shops. You can usually opt for a cash option which will net you for a little less than if you consign the items for sale.

**8** Go an extra two weeks between salon visits.

**9** If you have books in good condition you're willing to part with, try selling them at websites such as Sites will require the ISBN number that is found on the copyright page or the back of the book.  You can also take paperbacks to the second-hand bookstore.

**10** Lower your grocery budget by ten percent and deposit that amount into your savings. You will eat very well with the remaining 90 percent and hardly notice the difference.

**11** Eliminate premium channels from your cable plan. Rent an entire season of your favorite program and enjoy.

**12** Borrow instead of purchasing. Use your neighbor's pressure washer instead of paying an expensive professional. As a way to say thank you, consider offering to pressure wash his home as well.

**13** Verify all debit and credit charges. Mistakes can happen so try catching them quickly.

**14** Split fees with a friend or neighbor. If your yard is tiny, share the cost of fertilizer or a flat of young plants.

**15** Compare your auto insurance rates. Make sure you're getting the most affordable plan for your needs.

Just a few simple and painless changes can put an extra $50 in your hand.  Financial adjustments don't always have to be huge. Often, the smaller steps are more manageable and that makes us more inclined to make the attempt.

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