Saturday, April 9, 2011

Take Five #4 Company is Coming

You have guests coming. Perhaps you've known for a while, or it's a spur of the moment kind of thing. At any rate, you are short on time and you need to get your space ready. Whether you have a dedicated guest room or will be repurposing your office, you can do a few things to make your guest(s) feel welcome without exhausting yourself in the process.  Take Five is a regular post that makes the most of what little time you have.  These are quick wins geared toward small projects, giving you more control over your finances, time and space.

**1** Give Junk the Ole Heave Ho: Take a basket and walk through the room. Pick up anything that is out of place and belongs elsewhere. If your office is also your guest room, straighten up your desk, put away client files and make it as neat as possible. Set the basket outside the door.

**2** Sweet Dreams:  The primary use for the room will be for your guests to rest, so the bed is the most important thing in the room. Strip all linens off the bed and place in the basket you left outside the bedroom door. Spray the mattress with fabric refresher. Quickly, dust the furniture.

**3** A Little Space, Please: Guests will need a place to put their things, so empty a dresser drawer or make space with extra hangers in the closet. Before leaving the room, spread some carpet freshener/baking soda on the carpet.

**4** Bright and Shiny Faces: You don't want a guest looking in a dirty mirror. Quickly give the bathroom a once-over. Make sure there is plenty of soap (a fresh bar is always nice), toilet paper, fresh towels, etc. Double check the shower, clean the toilet and wipe down the sink and mirror. If it smells stale or 'flat,' add some potpourri or air freshener of your choice.

**5** The Goody Basket:  Look through the samples you've been saving from the dentist, home parties, etc. Fill a basket with anything your think your guest might need, but will hesitate to ask for. Examples would be toothpaste, floss, tissues, mouthwash, antacids, lotion, headache relief medication, or a nail file. Place in a spot easily visible to your guests.

**6** Go To Your Room: Replace the linens, making sure to have an extra blanket nearby. Vacuum or clean the floor.  Some fresh flowers or a lovely potted plant would be appreciated as well as a night light if necessary. Consider a carafe of ice water with glasses.

**7** Conquer the Clutter: Pick up the basket and distribute those uneccessary items elsewhere.

Depending on the length of stay and the age of your guests, these tips can easily be modified to suit their needs.

Take Five is small actions that will make a big impact. Do a bit now and save a lot of time and energy later.

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