Friday, April 1, 2011

Take Five #3 Weekend Prep

It is such a great feeling to come home on Friday and know you have total freedom until the alarm goes off Monday morning.  Hold it there, fella. Take a couple of minutes to get ready for the weekend and then you can relax.

Take Five is a regular post that makes the most of what little time you have.  These are quick wins geared toward small projects, giving you more control over your finances, time and space.

**1** Gather up all your work clothes and get them ready to drop off at the dry cleaners.

**2** Make sure your work shoes are clean and not in need of repair. If they need some attention, then bundle the errand and drop them off when you take in your dry cleaning.

**3** Get the week's receipts out of your wallet or briefcase.

**4** Repack your gym bag.

**5** While making dinner, come up with a quick meal for later. There is no need to spend all your down time in the kitchen.

**6** Quickly scan your main living areas and pick up everything that is out of place.

**7** Sort through the mail and dump the junk.

**8** Scan your calendar for upcoming events and plan accordingly.

Take Five is small actions that will make a big impact. Do a bit now and save a lot of time later.

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