Sunday, May 8, 2011

What to Do with Fifty Dollars

Let's suppose you just happened to come across an extra $50. Maybe it was a rebate, a gift, or a bonus. And, let's also suppose this money doesn't have to be used for some other purpose. It is just all yours to do with as you wish. If you choose to throw caution to the wind, you could blow it and then wonder where it went.  Or you could give it a little thought and turn your found money into worthwhile money.

**1** Change the oil in your vehicle.

**2** Buy as much gasoline as you can.

**3** Go to a bookstore and puchase a lovely book by your favorite author. If you prefer, buy the ereader version instead.

**4** Stock up on supplies for your favorite hobby. Need  a fishing license and tackle? How about some knitting patterns?

**5** Get started on a new hobby.

**6** Get physically fit. Use the money for part of your gym membership, buy some small weights, tennis balls, new workout clothes, etc.

**7** Treat yourself to a high quality kitchen tool such as a mandolin or a ceramic knife.

**8** Spruce up a room with a spring bouquet, some paint, throw pillows, place mats, a throw rug or some art work.

**9** Make over your main entrance. A few blooming plants, a new doormat, and a vintage door knocker will all do the trick.

**10** Update a bathroom or kitchen by changing out the  door knobs.

**11** Purchase a one day admission pass to a local spring event, zoo or state park.

**12** Purchase a new piece for your favorite collection.

**13** Take a friend to lunch.

**14** Splurge on a special, edible treat. Giant scallops, a fantastic bottle of wine, that delicate peach and raspberry cake from the organic bakery, truffles, fresh asparagus, or anything that puts a smile on your face at the first taste.

**15** Restore an old childhood photo.

**16** Visit your garden store and get seed, gloves, a new tool, some hanging baskets, or new flower pots.

**17** Update your barbeque tools.

**18** Invest in yourself  and purchase an online tutorial.

**19** Invite some friends over for a movie/game night. Guests can bring a beverage or appetizer. You provide wine, olives, cheese, crackers, and dips.

**20** Get a massage.

**21** Invest in one hour with a nutritionist or trainer.

**22** Get a new sports bag or laptop cover.

**23** Purchase a cell phone charger for your car.

**24** Go to an estate sale with the intent of walking away with something unusual, beautiful, rare or useful.

**25** Purchase some sunscreen, light snacks and beverages then spend the day at a park or lake.

**26** Renew your magazine subscriptions. Broaden your mind and add a new, interesting one to the mix.

**27** Go bowling, ice skating or something fun you haven't done in a really long time.

**28** Use the money to step outside your comfort zone. Take some photos, frame a few using beautiful and inexpensive frames and sell them at an Art Gallery or local restaurant.

**29** Purchase a coffee grinder along with some wonderful beans. Your home will smell better than the coffee shop.

**30** Adopt a pet.

The list is endless. You may have even have enough left over to splurge more than once. The point is do something just for yourself. Don't blow the money and wonder where it went. It's suppposed to be fun money so don't overthink it. Just make sure you walk away with a true experience and a large grin..

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